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      Worlds in Collision is a special, an extraordinary book – not only by its contents, but also by the response it has received.

      It is one of the few scientific books of the past centuries that have a direct profound importance for humanity – individuals and society alike. In fact it is a book that puts our present view of the world on a whole new fundament – not in some abstract specialized disciplines remote from practical life, but in a broad range of areas like astronomy, cosmology, physics, geology, paleontology, biology, history, archaeology, literature, ethnology, theology, mythology, psychology; and in addition it has an important influence on the way man sees himself individually and socially.

      It is the first time in centuries that a scientist didn’t choose the direct way to his specialized colleagues in order to make the results of his research known, but addressed himself to the general public in a simple and clear language and presentation – for which he was harshly punished by the scientific establishment.
      It is exactly this reaction from representatives of the “objective” sciences – that even match some medieval practices – which shows that this book deeply shakes the foundations of our knowledge – and belief. Because of this book being so special, it has deeply penetrated the consciousness of many people. Others however have preferred to forget it – or at least would like to do so. Due to this purposeful oblivion a younger generation doesn’t even know about it any more, although today – almost 60 years after its first publication – it hasn’t become less of a subject. On the contrary due to new results of scientific research and recent geological and climatic developments its importance has even increased. This, too, is something special in the flood of today’s short-lived literary and scientific `flash in the pans’.

      image003Potsdam Institute in Germany concluded that the tilt of the Earth actually changed approximately 3,600 years ago, triggering more desertification in the Sahara.

      Worlds in Collision was being outsold by only one book – the Bible. The epicenter of a literary earthquake –N. Y. Times Book Review

      Dr. Immanuel Velikovsky was a meticulous scientist who postulated his theories on hundreds of facts. Worlds in Collision – written in a brilliant, easily understandable and entertaining style and full to the brim with precise information – can be considered one of the most important and most challenging books in the history of science. Not without reason was this book found open on Einstein’s desk after his death. For all those who have ever wondered about the evolution of the earth, the history of mankind, traditions, religions, mythology or just the world as it is today, Worlds in Collision is an absolute MUST-READ!

      You can purchase from Amazon or Download the PDF.

      Amazon  – http://www.amazon.com/Worlds-Collision-Immanuel-Velikovsky/dp/1906833117

      Online PDF – http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/archivos_pdf/worlds-collision.pdf


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