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      This is a subject that we haven’t really said much about during our time here. We have to be cautious when discussing this and other topics relating to religion because we are aware of how sensitive the subject can be to various people. But we do know that people are losing faith with their religion as they are/were with other establishments.

      Firstly, like we have said repeatedly on this forum, we hold highly the individuals ability to choose their own path. This is one of the most powerful things that humanity has in their lives and, of course, includes spiritual beliefs.

      What we will document here is essentially the nature of the universe. It is not OUR nor THE VISITORS belief, it is simply fact. However, we are not saying that all current religions are incorrect…… quite the opposite in fact. This message was given via several Messengers/Prophets to the many human groups around the globe between 1500 and 3000 years ago and told in such a way that the people of that time period could grasp.

      After these Prophets moved on, those groups of people constructed the early forms of what are today the major religions. But in the couple of thousand years that followed, the message was corrupted by self-serving individuals or groups who twisted and controlled elements of the message with the ultimate goal of control over its followers. Obviously, some major religions are far worse at this than others. Don’t forget that for much of the past 2000 years until recently, religious organizations were essentially the Government of the people.

      We will elaborate further on the major religions later in this post.

      So, what is this “fact” we speak of? Well, we will explain as best as we can with the limited understanding that we have. Even The Visitors scarcely know more than us.

      Let’s start of with something for those with a scientific mind…….

      Our Universe is basically 5 dimensions. The first 3 are the axis of ordinary space being x, y and z, which most of you should be aware of. The 4th is Time. And the 5th is the vibrational frequency of all matter and energy within our Universe. For lack of a better term, this vibrational frequency is superimposed on all matter and energy at the subatomic level. We term this the Resonant Frequency of this Universe.

      The 5th Dimension has many many different levels possibly an infinite amount. Even The Visitors are not entirely sure as we both are not meant to know such things in its entirety at our level. Each level has a different Resonant Frequency and therefore they are independent of each other. However, they occupy the same space but matter and energy with different Resonant Frequencies just slide past each other. Each of these levels has different densities – progressively less matter and more energy the higher the level – and that is how we identify them and why the term Density is used.

      Furthermore, each Density has the same Density Constant but different laws of physics. Density Constant is known by a different term in this time period – Cosmological Constant. This formula should help you understand:

      Density Constant = [Time (progression)] * [speed of light (C)]

      In other words, higher Densities have the same Cosmological Constant but Time and the Speed of Light vary in proportion. So, if you were standing in a higher density right now, you would observe that light will travel at a different rate of speed per the standard unit of time.

      The lowest is the 3rd Density in which you and I currently exist. The Visitors that we mainly have contact with are from the 4th Density. We have scarcely encountered some 5th Density Aliens as well. These Beings themselves once existed in one form or another in the 3rd Density millions and even billions of years ago.

      Ok… enough of the straight science talk and lets start connecting some dots….. You are probably asking what this has got to do with spirituality. The next section maybe difficult to grasp and unfortunately the choice of words I have at my disposal won’t help me…….

      a) Part One: All of us are a part of something much bigger……

      At the very top of these Densities there is either an entity or group of entities (we are not sure) whose energy permeates all the levels below right down to our level. The Visitors refer to this entity/entities as God and due to a lack of a better term on our behalf we have to as well. However, do not think of it as “God” that current Earth Religions describe. This is not a God we pray to, nor worship or anything along those lines.

      Think of God as a forest that is continually trying to spread itself, expand and grow. One method used by trees is dropping seeds to the forest floor. So in other words, God grows itself by planting small seeds of itself and each stage – each level of growth – is a challenge for that individual seed. Each level (Density) requires a specific outcome for that seed to grow to eventually be a tree thus expanding the forest.

      So to summarize, the God entity/entities creates fresh tiny parts of itself and plants these small seeds in the lowest Density – our Density. If you haven’t already guessed, these seeds are the soul/spirit and over the course of perhaps a thousand or more lifetimes, this soul would progress and reach the outcome for this density or abort and disappear into nothingness. You have probably heard of reincarnation? Well it is the soul, not the physical body, that reincarnates.

      b) Part Two: The meaning of life…… well, in this density anyway….

      We do not come close to understanding what souls are made from but we do know the soul is not restricted by the barriers separating the various densities should they need to travel to them. However, each soul must learn the lesson of each density before calling the next level up home. Our knowledge on the density lessons is limited where we only know details of our own, the 4th and a brief outline of the 5th and 6th.

      The 3rd Density is where the soul must establish whether it is ultimately a giving or selfish soul. A simplistic view would be Good or Evil but I have seen other descriptions in this time period which fit like Service to Other or Service to Self. This is accomplished small step by small step over hundreds of lifetimes. For example: if a soul is incarnated into a human that was wealthy, had servants tending to their every need then more than likely that souls next life would be in a poor family or some other sort of difficult living circumstance. You see, when in a comfortable situation, such as being wealthy, it is easy for the young soul to turn towards a selfish nature where as living in a poor family can promote giving/sharing/caring nature. So, over the hundreds or even thousands of lifetimes the soul will move back and forth between leaning toward giving or selfish and ultimately the soul chooses one orientation over another.

      To elaborate further, the soul is placed with each Human according to the lesson it needs to learn which can be from scratch or by using experience already gained in previous lifetimes. However, it is strictly forbidden for the human conscious mind to have direct access to the memories of the soul’s previous lives. The soul is continuously talking to the Human conscious mind but in the past 100 years or so, the Human conscious mind has been more occupied than it ever has and thus slowing down the giving/selfish lessons…. But that again is a whole other story.

      Once the majority of souls on a planet have reached a firm orientation either way, therefore completed the 3rd Density lessons, they ascend as a group of souls to the next density. The minority that finally chose to go the opposite way of the majority are moved to be with their own kind. There are also those who are still undecided and they are moved to other 3rd Density worlds to continue there lesson. This is a very simplistic explanation of this specific part of the process as it goes a lot deeper than this but I fear the length of this post already is very long…

      c) Part Three: And beyond the 3rd Density?

      The goal of the 4th Density is challenging according to the Visitors. Where in the 3rd Density souls of the two different orientations reside together, this is not true of the 4th Density. Concentrating specifically on the good orientation, these souls must learn to work with groups and completely trust those in that group. This may sound simple but truly sit down and fathom complete and utter trust and you’ll realize the enormity of the lesson.

      The 5th Density is all about the exploration of the entire Universe to understand, among other things, how it was constructed. As you can imagine, exploring the entire Universe would involve an extensive amount of travel.

      In the 6th Density, you gain a greater understanding of God and what the plan is and take an active role in working that plan. 6th Density souls occasionally incarnate into the physical bodies from lower densities where they typically take on a leadership role within a group to guide those young souls to the correct path. This links back to the Messenger/Prophets mentioned at the beginning of this post. You can probably guess who I am talking about now……. Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed etc.

      We know nothing of the higher densities and nor do The Visitors,

      Just going back to Earth Religions in this time period, specifically Christianity, where they say that Jesus told us that we are all “Gods” children. Well that was interpreted wrong because each of us has a soul which is a piece of “God” and how we live our lives either makes “God” stronger or weaker. Everybody concentrates on the Ten Commandments etc. etc. but his true lesson was misunderstood. The Church says that Jesus died for us on the cross but what is misunderstood is that he sacrificed himself, the ultimate act of giving, to demonstrate selflessness for the betterment of the group.

      Thoth, this reply is probably a lot longer than you expected but in reality this is only a fraction of what I could have written for you. This will at least give you a better understanding of what our spiritual focus is in the future. However, more than likely that we have created a mountain of questions….. which is totally understandable.


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