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      Since the years 1990 until our days, appear in the fields, a little everywhere in the world, of the representations called crop circle. The beauty, complexity, mathematical knowledge and scientists whom they convey and the size of some of them make thatthey cannot be realized by the Human being but by an extraterrestrial intelligence.

      Because they know and follow our History and because they left the Earth, 20000 years ago remind to us the father of Relativity, Albert Einstein, they concretely show it to us by the means of crop circle symbolic systems which speak about themselves because the sight of these crop circle directs the spirit towards things that one wants to recall us or who must call out to us.

      Some recall a particular symbolism linked to the history of the religions, in Egypt, with Nazca. etc.

      • Jewish religion.

      Ten séphiroths of the cabalistic tree.

      Science is not a sephirot but the bond of wisdom and the intelligence.

      • The ménorah.


      • Pentagram and hexagram

      In the flowers symbolic systems with five or six petals, they point out to us that one can also trace a star with five or six branches. This symbolism decorates sometimes the pillars of certain crypts or stained glasses of certain churches.

      • Catholic religion.

      The cross and the Holy Shroud.

      • Asian religion

      The yin yang.

      • Nazca.

      Their technology was very advanced, a long time ago recall us the drawn figures with Nazca.

      • Egyptian religion.

      <<…The ritual is made up eternal measurements of what is and admirable signs because they were sent here below by the demiurge, the father of all the beings; thanks to them, the indescribable is expressing himself in mysterious symbols…>>

      Jamblique (Mysteries of Egypt).


      They recall us that the top of a pyramid cannot have a pyramidion following the example of the pyramid of Khéops.

      Khépri, the scarab, pushing in front of him the sun

      The scarab rolling its ball is first of all the symbol of the creator of the world. What it pushes in front of him is a sphere of light; it is the sun of the first moment, but it is also the sun in transformation, rich of all his evolutions.

      (Magic and initiation in Pharaonic Egypt, René Lachaud, Dangles.)


      The winged disc or logos.

      Others finally refer to the unfolding of the Maya calendar and a new appearanceof planet X.

      Crop circle appeared in August 2004 in England (Silbury Hill)

      Crop circle appeared on July 15th, 2008 with Avebury Manor showing

      the configuration of our solar system and the course of the Maya calendar

      One notices on this part of the crop circle that contrary to the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, planet X and its following were drawn full. This would imply that the structure of planet X would approach to that of the sun.

      Our extraterrestrial friends seem to say to us that at the time of the next passage of planet X, the thermal reactions of the sun will be such that it will occur something on the level of the planets Mercury and Venus.


      The angular precision of some crop circle makes it possible to advance that the part of the preceding crop circle represents, in time, a certain astral configuration.

      One should thus be able, in my opinion, using a good calculator in which is in memory of this one, the ephemeris, to find the approximate positions of planets in the zodiac like the areas of the sky where planet X and one comet called by some hairy star will appear, therefore, to know an approximate date.


      Position of the comet in a certain area of the sky

      Because the problem with Nostradamus, it is to know if what he says, in its work entitled the Centuries, is the product wild imaginings of an old senile old man or as he notices it to us with the flyleaf of this same book, he speaks in the name of God and that one day, it will be necessary to note the aptness of his predictions.

      Centurie VI / VI

      Will appear towards Septentrion,

      Not far from Cancer, the hairy star.

      Centurie II / XLI

      The large star by seven days will burn,

      Cloud will make two suns to appear,


      We have all, according to our mental orientation, different manners to interpret televised or journalistic information.

      Certain various facts remain sometimes unanswered. I will like to make go up on the surface a recent fact various which is already relegated to the oubliettes like were two others:

      That of the inscriptions made on bridges in Préalpes de Digne with the help of ablack painting of which the elements which constitute it are unknown on the planet Earth.

         <<…If we continue together this exploration in last time, we can stop a few moments on an article which had not had the expected success. For this recall, I will be thus a little more explicit:

         It was then a question of bringing back facts which occurred in the Seventies in our area. I explained well that having rationalist ideas, I did not have interest in this history and which I made only one relation of the facts which had been reported to me. Only the personalities which are committed in this business are guarantors of the veracity of my talk that here:

         In the Seventies, it appeared in Préalpes of Digne, of the signs which one found on bridges, black painting and resemblance to cabalistic signs. That caused the curiosity of many people of which some were addressed to the qualified administrations. For my part, I called out one day the owner of the general information, Mr. Martinez who, raising the eyes with the sky, declared me this:

         ” This business gave me many worry because the prefect had asked me to take it with much serious. Precisely thinking of cabalistic signs, I addressed two inspectors to the archbishop’s palace of Toulouse where the most important collection of signs of this kind coming from all Europe is. All the signs of the sects and other religions or secret societies can be subjected to examination. Concerning those which one could see on our bridges, no resemblance was noted”.

       Always in the same ideas order, during the above mentioned decade, other events will occur in the canton of Javie and will be noted by the gendarmerie. At some time from there, a friend who occupied at the time an important post placing it among the close relations of the prefect, was at home.

         He declared me with all the possible details that following several observations, his hierarchically superior as well as the colonel commanding the squad of Gendarmes had carried out a very thorough investigation. They called a helicopter and mobilized a researcher of the C.N.R.S. This one started to analyze the painting which was on the bridges. The answer was the following one: the elements which constitute it are unknown on our planet.

         I will not go further. Simply the two men, in their research, visited several sites, taking notes which enabled them to draw up a report that the prefect asked my friend to read, before shutting away it in a strongbox where it must sleep. The colonel of gendarmerie, in the retirement in Nice, made many conferences on the O.V.N.I to conclude in these terms: ” I will say that on this Earth, there is nothing again.”

      (Source: article of the review the Palm tree.)

      The other relates to the involuntary catch of sight of an O.V.N.I of 200 meters in diameter with Mr. Jean Bégot who was technician of the C.N.R.S on board of the Concorde 001 transformed at that time into scientific laboratory.


      (Article of newspaper of unknown source)

      These two concrete cases among so much of others, approved by the scientific circle, recall us that extraterrestrial beings have a technology differently higher than ours and that our knowledge is only the scraps of a lost Ancestral Knowledge.

      The fact various which interests us concerns another appearance of O.V.N.I in the Catalan sky during the night of January 21st, 2010. These O.V.N.I were seen in the four corners of the department of the Pyrenees Orientales and even in that of the Aude, by people of various ages, of the young person to the old man, and social positions different of which a captain of Airbus.

      That evening, the radars of the tower of control of the airport of Perpignan did not detect any abnormal activity in the sky. All the observers saw luminous spheres in the sky.


      (Source: article of newspaper the INDEPENDENT)

      These appearances were preceded by that, observed on December 16th, 2009 at 3 p.m. per Mr. Christian Ouvrard of Saint-Cyprien, where it is question of a ball to the strange behavior.

         No scientific explanation not having been brought on the appearance of these luminous balls which is not a collective hallucination, it is perhaps in the behavior of the O.V.N.I. used by our extraterrestrial friends that an answer should be searched for.

         OF TWO THINGS ONE :

      1. Either E.T comes to play it to us by showing off in front of our eyes the last model of O.V.N.I which it has just manufactured.
      2. Or he wants to transmit to us a symbolic message.
      • First case: technical performances.

      Usually, when observations of O.V.N.I take place, it is often question of flying saucers and not of luminous balls. This new model of O.V.N.I has fulgurating accelerations, has the capacity to stop Net after fulgurating accelerations, to turn round in a horizontal plan and also in a vertical plan.

      • Second case: symbolic message

      If we take again the drawing of the newspaper the Independent, what sees the observer ?


      1. He sees initially a point.
      2. This point grows bigger until becoming a ball.
      3. This ball turns in a horizontal plane.
      4. This ball turns in the vertical plan.
      5. The orbit on which this ball moves could be comparable with a parabola or part ofellipse.
      6. At the beginning, the point representing the ball appears in top. Then the ball,completely visible, stops in bottom. This wants to say that the orbital plan in which this ball moves is tilted.
      7. So by the thought, we place the sun in the center of the drawing, the ball moves in a retrograde direction.
      8. This ball starts again quickly.

      In others words, we obtain the following diagram:


      By this sequence of visual behaviors symbolic of their specific spaceship, would our extraterrestrial friends like to warn us that planet X approaches, that this one turns, at the same time on itself and around the sun in a retrograde direction contrary to another planets of our solar system and that the famous black point which is in bottom of the ball, representing sequences 5,6,7,8, would symbolize a north pole which has moved?

      In the same newspaper the INDEPENDENT appeared following information :


       (Source: article of the newspaper the INDEPENDENT)

         Pluto is not regarded any more as a planet. It is at an average distance from 5,966 million kilometers of the sun, i.e. 40 times the distance Earth/Sun.

      The temperature of the Earth varies between -89°C and 58°C whereas that ofPluto varies between -234° and -223°C and yet Pluton also undergoes currently a global warming.

      1. The planet is 20% redder compared to last decades.
      2. Its northern hemisphere is more shining.
      3. drastic change of color occurred between 2000 and 2002.

      Like the statement of the temperatures of planets of our solar system shows it, more one moves away from the sun, more the temperatures become negative.

      Vénus      Mars     Saturne    Pluton      Nuage de Oort

      Température maxi              482°C        27°C          -178°C          -223°C             -269°C

      Température mini              446°C       -118°C         -184°C         -234°C

      Taking into account the distance Sun/Pluto and of the extremely negative temperature of Plutoit is difficult to believe that our sun is the only person in charge of the global warming of Pluto.

      On this part of the crop circle, Pluto will be one of first planets to being solicited by planet X.



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