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      Purpose of reincarnation

      Why do spirits reincarnate on earth?

      Because they are being given the opportunity to accelerate their learning process, earth life is a school life, and spirits are being given the opportunity to accelerate their experiences to achieve higher consciousness levels.

      Is learning in the physical world better than learning in the spiritual world?

      There is no better or good or bad in the spiritual world. There is a process of consciousness-rising, of raising someone’s consciousness, whether it be the spirit itself or whether it be the spirit in a human body. We have already stated that life on earth or life in only the three-dimensional world is accelerated compared to life as a spirit because you become involved with so many more experiences that are there to teach you than in heaven.

      When reincarnation takes place

      What factors determine when a spirit will reincarnate on earth?

      At this time we will say to you that we will relate this mainly at all times to earthlings and not to other lives from other universes. So please be aware that this is basic information for you earthlings and does not always pertain to life from other universes. When a human makes its transformation from human form into spirit form, as you know it has its most current life experiences to review. It then sees the lessons that it learned or did not learn or how it lost its way along the most current past life. As a spirit evolves into higher spiritual consciousness, the life the spirit has is a spirit life, its lessons will be learned quicker in spirit life than those who have not evolved. And those who have evolved come to see the place of peace and harmony in their lives, both their human life and their spirit life, and that understanding of the challenges it faced and why it faced those challenges to increase its level of spiritual evolution on earth.

      When a spirit has not reached higher levels of consciousness, it is much slower in understanding its lessons and moving forward even in the spirit life. So, oftentimes those who have not reached higher spiritual consciousness do not return to life nearly as quickly as those who have reached higher levels of consciousness. Oftentimes, when an individual returns to earth it mainly has to do with how it works through its lessons in spirit life. Sometimes a spirit will decide that it has just done all the work that it intends to do, regardless of the level of consciousness that it’s at, that it does not want to go back to the challenges and the hardships it sees on earth. Because it does not know how to grow from those hardships at this rate of speed–that is why one has a human life. So it is willing to stay in that spiritual consciousness that it is currently at as a spirit and will not return to earth.

      Those that choose to return to earth and continue to face the life of a earthling do so knowing the challenges that can be there for it. Also, as one evolves, one can begin to see the ease with how they can go to earth and learn their spiritual lessons and that all lessons do not have to be learned through hardship. When a spirit does choose to return to earth, it is because they have had a very good understanding of the lessons that they were to have learned in their past life and what they did learn or what they did not learn and what they will go to earth to do in a new life. Oftentimes a spirit has evolved considerably, though at a much slower, slower pace than an earth life, but they have evolved spiritually into higher spiritual consciousness as a spirit life and will go back to earth with a much more knowing way of what and how to continue that spiritual growth at a much faster pace.

      How does a spirit learn its lessons in the afterlife if it does not want to incarnate? What does the learning process involve?

      The learning process as a spirit being, learning lessons that are much accelerated as a human being, are very slowed down as a spirit being. For life upon earth or other places of life move at an accelerated speed compared to the lessons of life in heaven. Lessons that you learn in life in Heaven don’t always have the full impact because not all spirit beings that you will come into contact with upon earth to accelerate this consciousness are available in heaven. If they were, you would not need to come to earth. So your process of evolution in heaven is much slowed down.

      Does free will play a significant role in the concept of reincarnation?

      Absolutely. One can choose to continue to return to earth school and continue their evolvement or one can say, this is as far as I choose to go in my own spiritual world and I do not choose to go back to earth. Spirits are able to continue their growth in the spirit world if they choose not to come back to earth but the challenges that the beings that choose to come back to earth face enhance their spiritual and consciousness growth much quicker, at an accelerated speed, versus those spirits who decide that they do not wish to return to earth. Their spirit growth will continue in the spirit world but it will be at a much, much slower pace as you on earth would understand it.

      Are all spirits similar in their first incarnation?

      We would say yes and no to that question. Much of what happens to a spirit who comes to earth in its first incarnation is greatly influenced by its environment because it is in infancy, this spirit. As with any human infant the spirit works very similar in its growth and the lessons that it comes to earth to learn. Not every spirit comes to earth to learn the same lessons even at a first incarnation.

      Who decides when it’s time to reincarnate?

      Spirits have spirit teachers in heaven and they work together, not on a consistent basis, but as you on earth would say almost on a consulting basis. And when a spirit would like to return it will often sit and talk with its spirit teacher about what it had lived in a past life and what it would like to live in a future life. And spirit teacher and spirit guides will help direct that spirit to the environment that will help it best continue its journey. Oftentimes, though, a spirit teacher will tell the spirit that it probably is much too soon for it to return and will tell it that it needs more time with its spirit family to achieve better understanding of its growth, both in its heaven and on earth.

      After I make my transition from this lifetime and if I returned in a reincarnation afterwards, would that reincarnation always be at a later date than when I died?

      Yes, you always return to earth at a later date than when you left earth. Your life might feel very familiar because you have returned to complete challenges from other past lives. It is always a move forward and not a move backward. But that doesn’t mean you come into a totally new reincarnated life because you will carry “old baggage” from those past lives.

      In terms of earth years, what are typical or say average times between death in one life and birth on earth in another life?

      Well, in the past we would have said in terms of earth life it could have been centuries. Now we are seeing that younger children who are coming into the world could have still lived in your 1800’s or early 1900’s and evolved much quicker and returned. Because earth is evolving so much quicker and manifesting events almost instantaneously, those who had made great progress in their most recent past life are given an opportunity to return much sooner than had been in history because the spiritual evolution and consciousness of earth is rising so quickly, so much quicker than at any other time of its existence, it is so important that these more evolved spirits return to help those who are struggling with their spiritual evolution. You will see in the next generations of children to come how much more evolved and loving and compassionate that many of them are. So spirits are given the opportunity to return much sooner now than at any other time because of their ability to be able to help on earth.

      Does the frequency with which a human experiences deja vu relate to the number of times a soul has reincarnated, thus determining an old soul?

      No, it does not relate to being an old soul or the number of times it has returned to earth. Oftentimes a human soul will have the experience of a past life or a past experience that has happened to them and it does not have anything at all to do with the age of the soul, the age of the spirit. But only in that it can recall something from the past though it will not know when that past was, whether it was the past of a childhood memory or a past of a past life. Deja vu does not have to be connected with the number of spirit returns. But we would like to say that oftentimes as a spirit soul has continued its returns to earth and has a much higher consciousness level, those deja vu experiences can become much clearer and can be understood as to what they are, more than those who have not returned as many times.

      My father died in the early 60’s and is talking about being reincarnated here in the next year or two. That is a fairly short period of time. Why is he only spending a relatively short time in heaven before he returns?

      He has been given the opportunity, as many spirits have, to come back to earth at a much accelerated pace so that they can come and help bring more of their spiritual life and spiritual knowledge to earth to help it move from the negative ways that it has been embracing. So you will see that there will be certain spirits throughout the entire spirit world who will come back at a much accelerated reincarnation speed because they are given the opportunity to work within their spiritual consciousness levels of helping others to move forward. This does not mean that these are highly, highly evolved spirits but they will come back and bring with them an understanding of how life does continue after this and will be able to be, as you on earth call, role models in a much more general and mass environment than you are now currently seeing happen.

      Selecting a family to reincarnate into

      What spiritual individuals, aids or tools are available to help a spirit select a family and location to be born into?

      In just about every reincarnated life, individuals return to an environment and experiences that they have always felt and shared and wanted to evolve into, such as in the case of your father who wanted to be a reporter and a writer and has always wanted to do that, and had some experiences in all of his lives of reporting, sharing news, writing. These are things that are of his makeup and as he comes back to earth he will continue in those areas. Oftentimes within an individual’s makeup there have been great desires in past lives that they have never achieved, such as your wife’s great desire to play the piano. And so they are given the opportunity to move back into environments where those desires and experiences in previous lives can be enhanced and can be fulfilled.

      So, when an individual is looking to return they will be placed in those environments that will help encourage and support that growth. Sometimes it will not always be so obvious, sometimes it will be because they are given the opportunity to move out of environments and show that they can do it without having to experience the environments they are living in, such as many orphans who have had nothing and have formed large businesses and have been very financially successful and have achieved a great desire for art or music or supporting and helping other individuals. It is an opportunity that is given the spirit to move forward regardless of the circumstances it comes to.

      But how would they select a particular family in a particular location?

      Well, in the case of someone wanting to be artistic, they would select families who are going to have children whether by, as you on earth call it, accident or choice–as you know there is never an accident. A child comes into a family generally because it is to help that family as well as that family to help it. And there are families that are selected that can help encourage them. There is what we would say a preview of what those families lives are like and what their childhood lives were like and it’s sort of a preview of what the new human will be able to achieve with that family.

      Does a reincarnating infant who is destined to be put up for adoption understand prior to leaving heaven that this will happen and have the opportunity to select both its birth and adoptive parents?

      The answer to that is yes. Prior to coming to an earth life the spirit has been shown its life and makes the choice to continue into the human form and to see both its earth parents it will have.

      Do we reincarnate into the varied nationalities upon earth?

      The answer to this question is yes, you can reincarnate into another nationality as you so say. The majority of the time one reincarnates back into where it has spent most of its lifetimes, whether it be Christian or Jewish or Arab, it does not matter. But generally speaking you always reincarnate back into what you came from. This is not always true and as individuals evolve you will begin to see where your first place of being originated from.

      Is there any reason why there are so many different races on the earth today?

      It is the lessons of earth beings to learn to accept, be compassionate for and give love to all different philosophies other than their own. And you upon earth, instead of creating the oneness of bringing all those philosophies together, have chosen to make it segregated. And have chosen to make it right or wrong, whatever that racial experience is that any individual is experiencing at this time on earth. And so it was among the many to come together to create the oneness of joy and compassion, forgiveness, but this has not, as you know, happened yet.

      Does an incarnating spirit choose its physical appearance?

      It does not choose its physical appearance but it does see its appearance prior to coming back to earth. It has a view into its complete new life that it will be reincarnating into and it does not choose its human features but receives those from the family it chooses to reincarnate with.

      Is a human’s name on earth selected long before the soul incarnates?

      Sometimes there is a name that the soul returning to earth would like to have and that is oftentimes connected to that individual in its third-dimensional life. But many times the name has no connection whatsoever. Spirits often like to nudge its new family it is coming to to choose a name that it would like to have, but name-choosing is generally done through the three-dimensional world for in the spirit world, names are not important.

      What happens if various souls wish to reincarnate into the same life? How is it decided which soul will be reincarnated?

      You are asking questions that are faced by the three-dimensional world that you live in. As you move into a spirit world, such events do not take place and are not a form of spirit life. You are just viewing spirit life from a third-dimensional world and such issues do not happen in the spiritual world.

      Goals of reincarnation

      Is it a goal for all reincarnating spirits to generally help humans progress in their earthly existence? In other words, is it a goal to help humans as a total group of people as well as each individual reincarnating spirit helping themselves to learn their own personal lessons?

      The first and most important lesson for every spirit that comes to earth is for it to learn its own spiritual lessons and to have a knowing of the individual it is. This might sound extremely selfish but to be able to go forward on a spiritual consciousness level it is most important for the individual to know themselves, to help others from that spiritual level. There are many people who are helping other individuals who do not have the concept of their own spiritual growth, and though they are helping others they are ignoring their own spiritual consciousness and learning their own inner knowledge. It is most delightful for individuals to help others but they are not always learning their own lessons. They are ignoring themselves and not achieving their lessons but helping others by ignoring themselves. It is always of benefit to help any individual that you can help, and perhaps they will move into a much deeper and stronger spiritual consciousness because of your help and you will have no understanding of that because you have not turned within. And that is the most important lesson–to turn within and understand your own inner being and to then help others understand their inner being as well.


      What does Karma mean and how does it affect the choice of a new life on earth?

      Many spiritual organizations and beliefs on your earth believe that what you do and say creates an energy that you will then reexperience in another form in another life. So, say in one life you came in as someone who was a murderer, than in a next life you will come back and be someone who is murdered to share that experience. We, as your spirit guides and teachers, do not believe that that is the case. We believe that as humans you can move beyond the negative energies that you have created and experienced in your lives if you continue to choose to move in a higher consciousness level. If you do not continue to choose to understand what you have created and what you have experienced, you will come back to earth and continue those experiences in one form or another but because you have not learned your lessons, not because the energy you have created but because of your inability to learn from the lessons and the energy that you created. But one does not have to continuously carry that shadow of negative energy from one life to another because you within that lifetime, are being given the ability to wipe the slate clean, so to speak, and move beyond that and not have to re-experience it.

      Reincarnation in same family

      What circumstances would lead a spirit to be reborn into the same family that they lived in during a previous life on earth? In other words, if a child should die, go back into heaven, and nearly immediately be reborn into the same family–under what circumstances would that happen, if ever?

      This is not an experience that happens very often. If it does happen it is because it was important for the family to experience the dynamics of losing a child and whatever that young spirit brought at that time to the family was very important and it was for the family’s growth and not necessarily for the spirit, except that when that spirit would return as a new child within that family it would have the benefits of the experiences that the family went through in losing a child. Generally, those experiences for that spirit returning a second time are all extremely positive in supporting and as a unit, they will all grow in a much higher consciousness level.

      Group reincarnation

      Sometimes it is believed a number of spirits, let’s say in the same family grouping in heaven, reincarnate simultaneously into lives that will have a great deal of interaction. Is this so, and how is this organized so that a group can reincarnate together?

      Yes, this is so, and how it is done is just by knowing that there will be life experiences where these individuals will cross paths, sometimes it will be very intense and very involved and other times it will be just passing through each others lives but leaving a great impact upon one another. It is not something that can alway be understood but as you have recently experienced there are certain individuals you feel a much stronger bond with than others and that is because you have come from the same spiritual families and your paths are crossing, whether it be again for such a very brief period or you are to come involved and share a strong intimate friendship.

      How will they recognize each other on earth?

      It is recognized by this feeling of a connection, of a bond that says I know you, which is reached many times on a subconscious level that you, as a human, can’t even understand. Sometimes it is individuals who come into your life who you might not feel a bonding with but you feel you are learning a lesson from that person for a reason. Or rather, sometimes it can be an uncomfortable feeling around that person, more than you would feel around another person. And it’s because you are sharing lessons together.

      Life plans

      Is there a life plan prepared before a spirit is reincarnated?

      A most general life plan, yes, is there for the spirit because it’s seeing the life it is going to go through and the lessons that it is being given the opportunity to learn from. But as you know there are choices and once it reaches its human level it is generally disconnected from its spiritual level and any pre-knowledge it has been given, because it does not have to follow that path–it is being given the choices.

      Reincarnation as animals

      Do human spirits ever reincarnate as animals?

      No, this is not true. Human spirits never do evolve into lower forms than what they have been as humans.

      We have been told how spirit souls can choose to have an experience of life on earth that they hadn’t had the opportunity to do while in their previous life. Could this opportunity include experiencing such things as flight of a bird or swimming like a fish, or taking on the forms of such greatly loved animals, for instance?

      We are not sure quite what you mean, but what we are hearing is that you are asking if in spirit form you would take on such experiences. We would not change into the dimension of the bird or change into the dimension of a fish but we are given the opportunity to experience what it is experiencing. We are given the opportunity to do so to have more compassion and more caring for these other levels of spiritual beings as well as the level of human beings.

      Do spirits reincarnate progressively in various life forms, such as plants, animals, and then humans?

      Every form, every creation reincarnates in the form that it is in. It does not evolve into another form. But each time it chooses to reincarnate it can reincarnate in a higher vibrational energy form of that same form. But for an animal to become a human, the answer is no.

      What types of life form other than humans have spirits that reincarnate, and how do these spirits differ from those of humans?

      We would say to you that every creation has a spirit. The energy at which one vibrates, whether it be a rock, a plant, an animal or a human, is all at different levels. But as with animals and as you can see with human training and human love, they can evolve beyond other lifetimes on earth. In plants this is often shown in healthy regrowth within that life. With rocks and minerals, there is obviously very little room for growth spiritually. There are occasions when such a form has been very prominent in life-saving matters for individual beings, as well as the other way around, such as rock slides, volcanoes, earthquakes. These are all actions and forms of different energy vibrations. When, from events that seem beyond understanding, a plant, a rock, an animal has saved the life of a human being, it is reacting to a higher vibrational form of energy than it would under normal circumstances. So there are no coincidences in life. When you see inanimate objects saving or protecting the lives of higher consciousnesses, it is because within itself the energy has reached such a vibrational force that it knows it can be more than the rock, the stone, that each person sees.

      But does the plant have a spirit, that when the plant dies, it would reincarnate as another plant?

      As we said, every living object upon earth has a spirit. Does it reincarnate into another plant? It returns to earth in the same form and yes, we would say there is a spiritualness about that plant, that when it does reincarnate, it brings with it knowledge of its past lives.

      But the spirit of a plant would be different from the spirit of a human?

      Most definitely, because you are looking at different levels of energy vibration.

      Role of council of elders in reincarnation

      Does a council of elders or equivalent participate in the decision of where and when a spirit will reincarnate?

      There are very many different levels of councils and as a spirit decides to reincarnate it talks with its spirit teacher. And that spirit’s evolution is discussed and shared. The bottom line is though–the spirit has the final decision to decide to reincarnate. It is given counseling whether they believe it should or should not reincarnate and whether it should or should not go with the family it has chosen, and will be advised why it would not be a wise decision to reincarnate at that time. But a spirit is given free choice the same as humans are.

      Spirit guide assistance in reincarnation selection

      How would spirit guides help in the selection process for someone who is going to reincarnate upon earth and how would they help in the birth process?

      Well, this would go back to seeing what lessons an individual learned and how they understood those lessons as it was in spirit life and to see the strength and power and level of consciousness the spirit was able to move into in spirit life–to understand what its choices it can make in returning to human life and how it will be given the opportunities to learn its life lessons at a much higher level. Oftentimes these levels come with more struggle than one would expect for someone who is coming. But a spirit returning to earth can often choose to pick what one would call a life of human suffering only to know that it really is not suffering at all but is able to live in its spirit world and help other humans through what they see as that particular human spirit and help others to grow in their own spirit life.

      Reincarnation in humanoid or earthling form

      Oftentimes a spirit who originated in one form other than an earth form will not reincarnate back to earth for their next lifetime but will decide they want to go to their original place of creation and will go back for maybe several lifetimes in that original place of creation for a non-spirit being–and by that we mean that the person is not living in spirit but is living in a humanoid type form. So you are given the opportunity to return to a life that was far more highly evolved in every respect than one that you would have returned to on earth. Those individuals who originat